About Pamela Joy

Christian urban folk fusion

    My music is acoustic and electronic fusion with a hint of world music influences. Sometimes I think it’s country music, more often I think it’s folk music but the urban influences have taken me by surprise more recently. It’s not rock but it is often heavier than country but not always…! There is a gentle edge featuring acoustic guitar, classical harp, Japanese woodwind, etc… but these sounds sometimes walk with dirty bass and industrial sequencing. At its heart it’s Christian music as my faith in Jesus affects my core and drives my expression.

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    I grew up in Queensland, Australia, and wrote most of my early music on riverbanks and under the trees without the influence even of a radio.

    After sending a demo to one of my favourite bands – Middle Eastern influenced folk band, Sons of Korah, their lead singer Matthew Jacoby took me under his wing and invited me to tour with them as their support act. After some great fun touring with this band twice, I am grateful to them for their help. After listening to them sing the Psalms night after night on tour, I wrote Save Us as my own “lament psalm” in response to the devastating tsunami in Asia.

    I am particularly grateful to Spike, Jayden, Rod Gear and Rod Wilson who went on to help me do some recording in Melbourne.

    After I had something I could sell, I then toured again with some generous musicians who came together to help me raise money through concerts for the work my sister was doing in Cambodia with women at risk of human rights violations. My additional thanks go to Russel Bratten, Jocelyn Evans and Joshua Morehead – all who were a big part in getting the work of Bloom Asia going in its early days through funds from this tour.

    I now live in Melbourne and have re-released the songs from the early hannah’s child recording along with my favourite songs from the l’aparela project, this time all in a single album called O A K.

    It has been a privilege to have so many excellent musicians work with me to bring my rough but intense ideas that followed me from the country into the city to life… In particular, I have been thrilled to work with the quality likes of Mike Avery (Spike), Rod Gear, Jayden Lee, Rod Wilson, Anne Norman, Gareth Skinner, Robert John Sedky, Jeremy Alsop, Stu Hazelman, Jacob Rissmann, Travis Easton, Paul Jones, Greg Hunt, Penny Frearson, Hannah Coleman, Rod Baker, Andrew Naylor, Andrew Christie and Allan Nuendorf in the studio (and many on stage)…

    Thanks also go to Rachel Marks for the artwork that features the Scarlett and Sam characters when they pop up (in videos and on the website)…

    Currently, I have a room full of other old and new songs as well as many rough song ideas. Who knows what else is inside this heart of mine as I grow older. I don’t know if I’ll make it back into the studio or not for another official album as life barrels along with competing responsibilities.

    Maybe I’ll make it back into the studio to bring to life the new music I have on my heart one day…