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About Hannah's Child

oak album by pamela joy

Track 13, O A K ℗ © Copyright Pamela Joy Crawford 2003

Hannah's Child is both a lament and a song of conviction. It's about giving back to God what He gives, inspired by Hannah and her grief in the book of 1 Samuel in the Bible. Her son, Samuel, was able to do great things in history because Hannah kept her promise and gave him up when all of her instincts as a mother would have been to hang onto him.

History records that Hannah wasn't able to have any children and her female rival teased her, driving her to absolute despair. In the worst of her grief, Hannah went to the temple and poured out her heart to God, begging Him to bless her with a child, a sign of glory in the context of the culture. Hannah promised God that if He would give her a child, then she would give the child back to God for His exclusive service, even to the extent of allowing the child to grow up in the temple, away from home.

The music, the songs, the creativity, my life itself... are all meant to be like Samuel. IF I am blessed with any of these gifts, including my life, it's because God has given it. And I would love to be like Hannah in understanding that these gifts only reach their true potential and purpose if they bring glory to the one who has given them.

The song acknowledges however, that our natural tendency is to hang onto our gifts so I would love to use the song as a constant reminder that the value of all things is in the creator of these things, not the things themselves.

Bible References: 1 Samuel 1:2, 6-8, 10-11, 20, 24, 26-28, 2:1


Elkanah tried to reason with your fears
But Elkanah could not stop your tears
He wanted to be like ten sons 'cause you've none
I've won again this year, Hannah

You're not worthy Hannah, you're not even close to me
I, Peninnah, hold the glory

Who do you think you are Hannah down on your knees?
When it's time to make good, you'll surely freeze
Down in your heart, you'll not part with glory
We'll see about your little promise and desperate plea

You're not worthy Hannah, you're not even close to me
I, Peninnah, hold the glory

Instrumental (Hannah's lament in the temple)

So I see you're well and the Lord gave you Samuel
But your hell will be your sigh when it's time to say good-bye
Naturally, you'll wanna keep your baby
Hannah, will you be brave and give back what the Lord gave?
Hannah, will you be brave?
Hannah, will you be brave?


oak album by pamela joy
Lyrics & Music: Pamela Joy
Assistant Production: Mike Avery, Allan Neuendorf
Guitars: Pamela Joy, Rod Gear (classical)
Percussion: Travis Easton, Rod Wilson
Double Bass: Rod Gear
Strings: Greg Hunt
Mandolin: Pamela Joy
Irish Shaw: Pamela Joy
Lead & Backing Vocals: Pamela Joy
Visual Art: Rachel CD Marks

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