Old Life


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The story of my old life as an angry drug addicted social fighter before repenting before God and moving from despair to hope.

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℗ © Copyright Pamela Joy Crawford 2003


In my old life, I fought the wrongs with conviction,
passion and single minded drive fuelled by anger.
Just causes bred, my head reeled back and forward
But my soul still was not fed.

So in my old life, I laughed and played,
Stroked my appetite for pleasing feelings.

But in my old life, time just went by
Hanging further over the cosmic abyss of nothingness.

I heard a call, a quiet gentle call.
But I hopped on my bike and I raised my hands over my ears
And I rode, still screaming at the sky fallen.
I rode, I rode, I rode.

So even though I was hanging over a cliff,
I still thought that I knew best.
But my old life came tumbling down,
Crashing around my feet,
until I gave in.
I cried out to Jesus to save me, to heal me,
To show me the way, to forgive my sin
And give me eternal life with Him in heaven
And peace while I’m living until then.
It’s peace.


Lyrics & Music: Pamela Joy
Assistant Production: Mike Avery, Allan Neuendorf
Guitar: Pamela Joy
Percussion: Rod Wilson
Flute: Penny Frearson
Lead & Backing Vocals: Pamela Joy
Sequence Arrangements & Programming: Andrew Christie, Allan Neuendorf
Product Art: Rachel C.D. Marks (“Scarlett and Sam” Series)

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