Father Dear Father


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A song based on a book called “Too Busy Not To Pray” that encourages us to build a habit of prayer that is more than just “asking for things”.

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℗ © Copyright Pamela Joy Crawford 2003


Father dear Father above
I love You for You first loved me
And it’s about time I came home and honoured You
For You took my pain, my sin and my shame
And You washed it away through Your Son, Jesus

Father dear Father above
I’m sorry for walking away
And it’s about time I got down on my knees
Please forgive me for turning again
From the loving care You promise me
Jesus please change me

Father dear Father above
I thank You for making the way
And it’s about time I stopped my complaining
For You’re in control and You know what’s best
And You promise to hear when I pray

Jesus, I love You, I’m sorry and I thank You
which leads me to these final requests of You

Father dear Father above
I ask You this within Your will
It’s about time I relied on You
I need You to help, I’m lost by myself
So I humble myself to Your will


Lyrics & Music: Pamela Joy
Assistant Production: Mike Avery, Allan Neuendorf
Guitars: Jacob Rissmann, Rod Gear (classical), Pamela Joy
Percussion: Travis Easton, O A K
Double Bass: Rod Gear
Flute: Penny Frearson
Lead & Backing Vocals: Pamela Joy
Product Art: Rachel C.D. Marks (“Scarlett and Sam” Series)

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